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poker y casino

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After introducing the world to the modern and stylish Label Ritu Kumar and the distinctive Ritu Kumar Home, Mr. Amrish Kumar now launches aarké. Rooted in tradition fused with a modern spirit, aarké launching on 24th March’21, is for any woman who dresses with Indian sensibilities. With the idea of rediscovering and diversifying the offerings and to amplify the reach of Ritu Kumar, aarké caters to women who want affordable designer wear for occasions in their daily life.

Conceptualized and envisioned by Amrish Kumar, Managing Director & Creative Director of Ritu Kumar, aarké has the backing of a strong design team and the core sensibilities of the brand Ritu Kumar, aarké aims to bring to the market; quality, credibility and affordability with a collection that includes Kurtas, Kurtis, Dresses, Suit-sets, Tops & Bottoms and depicts the various needs of a multi-tasking urban woman.

“An aarké woman for us means – One that lives in the moment and is yet rooted in Indian sensibilities, is a multi-tasker, and someone who does not shy away from her preferences of what she wears. With aarké we aim to reach a more varied audience for whom design & quality along with a certain price sensitivity is at the core of her shopping,”, said Amrish Kumar.

Ritu Kumar’s charter involves pushing boundaries and forging alliances with design talent across the world to create a unique, sophisticated product that caters to a wide range of audiences. Designer Amrish Kumar is a second-generation entrepreneur, who was challenged to grow a largely boutique business into a highly successful, pan India women’s apparel company. The launch of aarké aims to bridge the gap between designer wear and price points.

The brand is presently available at www.aarke.in.

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Levi’s is well distributed across many MBOs, Department Stores, EBOs, online marketplaces, etc. For a brand with as many channels as Levis, the fundamental concern is to define the logic that has to go to ensure that the inventory is flowing with the order – irrespective of the channel of sales.

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Bouncy Feel: Beating the usual impression of an eco-friendly apparel, garments made with LIVA are not boxy. LIVA fabrics enriched with Birla ExcelTM fibres possess a bouncy feel that makes the wearer look more energetic.

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Breathable and lightweight: LIVA fabrics are feather-light and breathable, which makes them ideal for all weathers. In summers they ensure lesser perspiration, whereas in winters they can be layered on with ease, thereby adding warmth. When you are comfortable outside, you feel confident inside!

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Drape and Flow: Garments made with LIVA drape so well that the garments move with the wearer. They take the shape of the wearer, hence making them ideal for every body type.

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Founder & CEO of Time Management Services, the parent company of the Italian Brand Just Cavali -Marco Sieber addressed the media via video message “Just Cavalli is an Italian brand and we are very proud of our heritage. We represent lifestyle – dolce vita the joy of life. We stand for diversity, and daring; to be different in terms of products in terms of design, expression colours. Our new Serpentine range offers almost 25 variants in the world-renowned snake design. Our designs have always been linked to Animalia, patterns linked to snakes, and our iconic glam chic snake family that you see in the collection.”

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